Mar 17

How To Make Money Just By Sharing Videos

how to get paid showing videosWith all the shifts that take place when it comes to entertainment and, not surprisingly internet marketing, the boom to use videos is astronomical. YouTube holds the record, obviously, for the sheer volume of videos uploaded for all the world to see. Yes, you can designate your video to be “private” or shown only to a select group of individuals willing to sign up for your account, but the vast majority of videos are public and viewable by all.

What Makes Good Videos Great?

The secret to presenting the right video with the potential to be viewed by many may very well lay more in the “entertain me” direction. We have all been forced (perhaps a harsh words to use, but also pertinent) to sit through those long, uncontrollable “guru created” marketing videos. The “theys” of the internet marketing field will tell you “go long,” recording 25 minutes or more of endless droning. They have also chosen to remove your ability to control when enough is enough; you cannot stop their moving train.

For some, this type of video presentation works. The question then becomes is it best to do your selling via a longer version or does short and funny work best? Personally, I am more likely to be pulled in the direction of short and sweet. When a program adds in entertainment and humor, they’ve got me. If the program itself is built around the value of entertainment and has the ability to produce income, it’s a shoe in.

Residual Income Through Entertainment Videos

Obviously, the main strategy you must have to be a success online is the ability to drive traffic to your website. In theory it sounds easy enough; in reality it takes time and patience. There are formulas and methods for getting visitors (reading this article is one of them), but it’s what the person will see on the other side that will make or break your ability to turn visitors into buyers, or even mere signups.

While most individuals attempting to make ends meet or turn the internet into their sole source of income are looking at selling ebooks or software or the latest marketing training program, do not overlook opportunities presented that detour completely from the “average” to the amazing. There does exist such a way for you to make money online simply by entertaining others.

Get Paid to Share Videos

Whether you enjoy music videos, humorous cat antics videos, business strategy videos, exercise videos, etc., consider the possibility of thinking outside the box if you are looking for extra income online. There are many “paid to” programs, and a majority of them involve some sort of writing skill or other special talent. But when you select a program that is as easy as saying to your friends, family or associates, “Hey watch this!” and it turns into a source of revenue for you… well making money just by sharing other people’s videos can be super easy!



R.J. enjoys the benefits and profits of entertaining videos. See what program is available that costs very little yet reaps rewards all through the use of other people’s videos!

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