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Sponsoring Surefire or Backfire? Your Way to Success

sponsoring a win-win arrangementIf you’re in need of a makeover, be it your health, your life, or your bank account consider the fact that you can accomplish your goals by sponsoring and helping others do the same. If you are one of the many who seek out consistent, monthly rewards and want to rebuild your life in numerous ways, you must change your mindset. No, this isn’t an article about the law of attraction or anything like that; it is about rewards and how to get them.

Let’s Talk Sponsoring

Sponsoring is the guts of network marketing. A good sponsor, the person you join under, should be eager to help you grow, too. Keep in mind that sponsoring is a lot like collecting pennies; before you know it, you’re rolling in dough. Just getting a few people also excited and involved is the key to leveraging those few into the many. Do this the correct way and everyone benefits.

Another benefit to being a good sponsor is to treat each person with respect. How many times have you joined a program and tried to contact your upline without success? I’d be willing to bet many, many times. The problem is the person sponsoring is so busy with the mindset of more, more, more, that he or she completely ignores any inquiry. Selfishness does not make a good sponsoring attitude nor will it build your personal reputation as a trustworthy individual to follow.

Points to consider are:

o Attraction Marketing is the key; your upline should be “a servant” to his or her downline. Sponsoring is like a restaurant; nobody goes back to a restaurant if the service is bad, no matter how good the quality of food is.

o Sponsoring the attractive reps means building skills in leadership and marketing to build downlines. Products only sustain downlines (this is something people fail to understand because they rely so much on products to do the selling).

Turn A Blind Eye to That Compensation Plan When Sponsoring

Yes, compensation plans play to that bit of greediness in almost all of us. The goal of filling that downline is a good strategy to have, but it should not consume you. Too many people focus on a picture that is so large that they are frozen and doomed to do nothing. Remember this:

o Pitching and selling the product is dead. Solving people problems is what really counts. The more you become a service, the greater success you will have creating happy customers and followers who stay loyal to you.

That’s why we need to “live in the now.” Now is all we have, and each person’s now means concentrating on a pinpoint, not the universe.

Instead of looking too far down the road, consider that sponoring, and helping, say three people (and helping them get three) will generate a couple thousand a month. You know that number can grow, so starting any program with a realistic attitude and viewpoint helps ensure you put your efforts where they belong… in the here and now.

Discard the Entitlement Attitude Because Your Sponsoring Success Hinges On It

Sponsoring other people into worthless programs is a waste of your time. First of all, your reputation is on the line. Steer people in the wrong direction and you soon find people start to duck and hide from you or delete your emails. Secondly, trust isn’t a given, it must be earned.

Your responsibilities do not end with that fresh sign up. You’re creating a team because without teamwork, no one is going to see any benefits. Selfish people make poor leaders. A selfish upline will be your downfall. It’s that simple.

It’s also easy to tell the good from the bad sponsor. As mentioned above, if your upline won’t give you the time of day, share the wealth, and help you to be successful, they most likely are suffering from what I call the “entitlement” attitude. You know the type. You sign up, no thank you, no assistance, no connection. He or she is just too busy wanting more. They claim success, but won’t share the formula. What a waste.

Take The Ride to The Top With The Right Sponsoring

While sponsoring thousands of individuals is a goal we can all work toward, you must first plant your feet firmly on the ground. Love the program you choose and the team you work with, have fun visualizing those dollar signs dancing in front of your eyes. But, above all, remain focused, attentive, interested. Attitude is everything when it comes to getting your “Master’s degree” in sponsoring.



Ramon Bello lives in Bronx, New York and has the perfect sponsoring attitude and the perfect program for all. If you’re interested in bettering all aspects of your life, and even giving back, Ramon’s sponsoring information, including phone number and email is on his website.

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