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There is no toverfee to avail the Scholarship.

There is no fee to avail the Scholarship.

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P2P Solutions Foundation

Potencial Universe (VU)

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HydroMiner (H3O) Pre-Sale

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Browse ICOs by Industry

Wij have complied comprehensive list of ICOs by industry, each ICO is listed after in-depth research that is worth investing and ensures the best terugwedstrijd on investment.

Browse ICOs by Verhoging

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Media and vrouwen

CoinMarketPlus Scholarship

About the Scholarship:
Eligibility for the Scholarship:
  • A Graduate, Under Graduate and Postbode Graduate students from any educational institute from all overheen the globe, is eligible for the Scholarship.
  • Voorwaarde apply to the contest via email and provide your name, address, and the name of the institution you are attending or project to attend.
  • There is no toverfee to avail the Scholarship.
  • Ondergrens GPA voorwaarde be Trio.0
  • Employees at CoinMarketPlus and their family members are not eligible/participate for the scholarship.
  • Last date of receiving application is 12th November, 2018.
Application Process:

Applicants have to give an excellent article of around 1500 words on any one of the following topics:

The Future of Blockchain technology

Cryptocurrency, Its Influence on Economy

Top Five Cryptocurrencies of 2018, Except Bitcoin

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