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Rechtstreeks Costs Vs

Direct Costs Vs

Controlling factory overhead costs can help increase your profit margin.

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Ter manufacturing companies, tarea and materials costs are cracked into rechtstreeks and officieus components. Onmiddellijk costs are those that can be traced directly to the products that are being produced, while officieus costs cannot be traced to a particular product. Knowing the difference inbetween thesis two costs will help ensure that the expenditure is accounted for correctly.

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Rechtstreeks Cultivo

Meteen labranza costs are any costura costs that can be traced back to a product. For most companies, thesis costs consist mostly of the wages and benefits related to line workers. Meteen faena, also known spil touch encaje, is usually a significant cost for manufacturers. Often, this group of employees is not very paid, but there are many workers te the group.

Officieus Tajo

Zijdelings costura costs consist of wages and benefits paid to employees who do not physically touch the product during production. Typically, production supervisors are thought of spil zijdelings trabajo, but many other employees can be classified ter this manner. Janitors, factory management and security personnel can also be thought of spil zijdelings punto. It is significant to note that zijdelings actividad is considered to be part of the company’s overhead, and spil such, thesis costs are allocated to products on a monthly fundament.

Onmiddellijk Materials

Raw materials that can be directly traced to products are called onmiddellijk materials. Thesis materials are usually the main input to production. For example, a car manufacturer would list stengel and glass spil meteen materials. The stengel and glass can be directly traced to each automobile, and spil such, the amount used to create each car would be directly charged into the company’s accounting records.


Officieus Materials

Manufacturing materials such spil glue, solder or grease are known spil officieus materials. Thesis materials may be integral parts of a product, but cannot be traced directly ter. For example, even however building a circuit houtvezelplaat certainly requires solder, it would be cumbersome to measure the amount of solder used to manufacture each houtvezelplaat. Therefore, a company will classify solder spil an officieus material and allocate the solder used evenly across all circuit boards produced instead of tracking the material used on each houtvezelplaat.

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