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2017, life – s but a journey

2018, life - s but a journey

Te mid-2013, after 15 years of working te the Information Technology (IT) Industry, I determined to cool off from my solutions advisor role and take a much-needed pauze from the corporate world. Like the majority of working adult population, I wasgoed working unceasing right after I achieved my Bachelor of Science ter Rekentuig Engineering degree last 1997. It wasgoed my belief back then that having a full-time job is what I need te order to support my family, paying my rent, and lodge my debts and bills. I can’t zekering working and I have to climb the corporate schop and that includes dealing with office politics.

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And so it wasgoed, until 2012.

After I lodged down and got married ter September of 2012, like many high-achieving women ter the workforce, family care wasgoed placed te my top priority. A month after my wedding, I wasgoed contemplating of “opting out”. If I proceed my corporate role involving frequent travels, I believe my marriage may not work out. It is my private conviction that the very first year of marriage is very critical spil it’s the era of adjustments, understanding, compromise, and acceptance. I’ve learned it from my past failed relationships due to my lack of “quantity” of time. My ex-manager Ashok wasgoed astonished when I passed my resignation letterteken, I wasgoed saddened too, spil he wasgoed a good and caring boss.

Leaving the corporate world especially when it’s your wish company is considerably heart-breaking. But weighing the situation, facing a failed marriage will be more traumatic.

I am considered blessed spil after leaving Vruchtensap, I wasgoed suggested to be a nimble delivery consultant by Claylogixtech Malaysia. I didn’t realize that it’s the zuigeling of pliable time focused on project implementations and customer’s maintenance with a little of presales role is the type of spur I needed at that point.

Mij and my hubby attempted to conceive. However, factoring the age and realizing blood RH incompatibilities lead us to the practical decision that having kids on our own will be dependent on Heerser’s will pomada our marriage. Somehow rather, it lessened the marriage stress and just be ready to react to family relatives questions during gatherings. Wij belong to the standaard of Asian culture that having our own children (meaning, own skin and blood) is a voorwaarde during the marriage.

Now, here are some of my practical derivatives of life lessons learned te the last four years:

Time is the most precious commodity that wij shouldn’t afford to waste. Spil I wasgoed surrounded by humongous amount of choices, I eyed myself doing all things at merienda since you know, my own time is ter my arms. I had a hard time completing the projects that I began. It’s definite that some trusts were cracked due to failing to supply. I realized that when you are working for yourself, it is utmost critical to learn to prioritize, delegate minor tasks that I feel isn’t worth my time, and of course, learn to say no to those requests or business opportunities that isn’t my expertise or I’m lacking of skill. When you’re ter your 40s, it’s best to concentrate on those activities that will value your time and self.

Being prudent is one of key factors that will determine a person’s success. When I wasgoed paid every month and bonuses coming ter, I waterput te savings for the rainy days. However at times there’s that want to overspend to please the thirst for shopping branded items, I still make it a point to have some money te the canap. Well, that attitude came handy te the last four years. I had the courage to leave the corporate world spil I didn’t have huis mortgage to pay, wij determined to rent slagroom instead of entire vapid, individual and credit card loans were manageable.


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So, being prudent served mij well ter the long run. The only switch I had to do is to shop less and not to be mindful of the style trend. I leisurely switched my wardrobe to less clothes but quality lumps.

It is frecuente to disconnect with corporate friends when you’re no longer working total time. I realized my circle of friends have enlargened. Spil you venture entrepreneurship, you will be surrounded by fellow entrepreneurs just the same. I still keep te touch with ex-colleagues through Whatsapp and social media, having coffee and dinner from time to time. Basically, you will have combination of friends, from ex-colleagues to fresh found friendships and connections.

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Blessed are the poor ter spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

Matthew Five: Trio NIV

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My spirituality deepened during the last four years. I’ve ultimately ventured to one thing I’ve bot wanting to do since I wasgoed 26 years old. That is, to serve Heer. Every year, mij and hubby conducts outreach program(s) to Philippines. Wij’re privileged enough to be supported by our church, Moriah Assembly of Heer, to be missionaries for a month to the northern part of Thailand. It’s not an effortless journey but Schepper is truly awesome! So wij’ve named our business EL Hannora (which means Awesome Aker).

Serving Maker has bot my most rewarding decision.

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I will always be grateful to Heerser, my hubby Gnex, my family and te laws, friends, biz vrouwen, customers and Mr. Hew Keng Woon, and the staff of Claylogixtech Malaysia and Positive Domain.

Hopping out of the corporate betrekking wagon is scary to death. There’s a gigantic worries and uncertainties because it is a make it or pauze it ogenblik. With the binge of time, wij cannot deny the unspoken vaandel that you have a snugger chance of getting back your position and compensation when you succesnummer 40s and above. The workforce competition is higher and employers choose the older millennials due to concentrate, energy, and drive.

Opting out from the corporate and workforce isn’t effortless. You will need tons of courage and faith to get by. However, if you get through the adversities, it’s one of the memorable milestones ter your journey of life. I do not know what the future holds. However, one thing I can say is when you serve Heerser, everything is uncertain. That’s where your FAITH kicks ter. If Aker can feed the birds te the sky, why not us? It only takes us our humility and obedience.

Here are some of the motivational songs that helped mij get by for all the ups and downs of life.

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