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Because the trading happens off-blockchain, it is very hard to trace what went on.

Because the trading happens off-blockchain, it is very hard to trace what went on.

You may have heard that to buy bitcoin one needs to submit a series of identification documents to the trading webpagina. Such documents may range from copies of passports & utility bills, to selfies of yourself holding a custom-built message. When I very first stated using bitcoin ter 2013 none of the exchange sites asked for passport or utility bill photocopies. Now ter 2018 virtually every bitcoin exchange is obliged by law to do utter KYC (know your customer). This is to prevent cyber-crime and money laundering. Some anarchists say the government worries that you might be gaining too much economic freedom.

All things said, it is very significant to be aware when seeking recommended places to buy bitcoin without ID. Even if you choose a full-KYC exchange you should still be realistic and take precautions to protect against identity theft or abusive practices by exchange operators.

Note that most people are 100% fine getting their cryptocurrency through natural verification procedures. Ask yourself do you truly need to obfuscate your existence or not.

How to stay anonymous when buying bitcoin

Should you need to stay anonymous when buying bitcoin, this is possible but expect to pay a higher cost vanaf bitcoin. Most sites are charging premiums of 20% to 40% for customers without identification. Another thing to reminisce is that not each method will be the same. There are means for buying cryptocurrency with no ID that may require you to meet up ter person. Others may require wait periods of up to Three weeks before the digital assets are released from escrow to your wallet.

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Not all anonymizing procedures are spil tiresome however. I’ve ordered each one below by the ease at which you can purchase bitcoins while keeping your identity relatively private.

Here are the best places to get bitcoin without ID:

  1. LocalBitcoins – one of the very first and presently the most popular person2person exchange toneelpodium. You can buy with contant, Paypal, or handelsbank transfer. Choosing contant purchases on Localbitcoins is undoubtedly the most anonymous way to buy bitcoin. Just choose a well-reputed seller near your location, and arrange to meet te a public space. On meeting, you will them give them the metselspecie and they will then instruct Localbitcoins to release your cryptocurrency from escrow. Be aware that if you choose to buy via bankgebouw transfer then your name will be visible on the sellers handelsbank statement (but not to Localbitcoins). Some sellers may sometimes ask for a partially visible copy of your driving license. You can usually check this on the seller’s pagina or by asking them prior to ordering.
  2. Buysomebitcoins – also a leading webpagina to buy with no ID verification using a Visa/Mastercard. The exchange is registered te the United Kingdom and has gathered some good user-reviews. Commissions are enormously high for buying without ID: expect to pay 30 procent. Fees are lowered if you submit ID. Such discounts are titled “Verification rewards” by Buysomebitcoins. Two exist: an ID “verification reward” and a “card ownership verification reward”. You may be asking how does Buysomebitcoins get around the KYC obligations imposed on exchanges. Well, supposedly their webpagina is a “P2P Marketplace represented by numerous companies ter different countries” – thus entitling the same loopholes for buying bitcoin without ID spil those localbitcoins buyers presently benefit from.
  3. Shifting sites – a good (much cheaper) alternative. It is indeed possible to anonymize an ID-verified purchase of bitcoin (assuming you got the BTC on a utter “KYC” exchange). Such a proces is sometimes referred to spil “altcoin shifting”. Note that specialized blockchain forensics experts can, and sometimes do, go after coins that have bot shifted. Nevertheless, the coin shifting proces is relatively ordinary:
  1. Someone buys bitcoin (or any other crypto asset) on a major exchange such spil Coinbase. Their ID is verified and therefore thesis coins are “tied” to their name.
  2. The coins are withdrawn from the major exchange, onto a cryptocurrency-only trading webpagina like Binance, Yobit, or Shapeshift. Because government fiat currency deposits are not available, the exchange is not required to verify users’ ID.
  3. The user then trades their bitcoin for any other crypto asset and withdraws the fresh altcoin to their wallet.
  4. Voila! Now only the 2nd exchange knows where those fresh coins came from. The very first exchange only sees the coins being sent to the 2nd exchange’s address. Because the trading happens off-blockchain, it is very hard to trace what went on.
  5. Any other crypto-only exchange can then be used to switch the user’s altcoin back into bitcoin – totally anonymously.
  6. This process can be repeated using a vast list of alternative trading sites – each time further anonymizing the coins.

Ten procent) compared to other methods for maintaining your privacy.

  • Indacoin – similar ter nature to the Buysomebitcoins webstek. Customers can use their credit card to acquire bitcoins without registration or proving who you are. The major downside to Indacoin is the massive markup of up to 50 procent compared to standard exchange prices. Transaction boundaries are set at $100 usd for first-timers, $200 usd after Four days, and $500usd after 7 days. Aside from the shocking toverfee, Indacoin is a relatively hassle-free & beginner friendly webstek.
  • Paxful – operating since 2018 ter Wilmington (USA) , this is another vooraanstaand person2person verhoging where sellers and buyers make trades directly inbetween themselves. Just like Localbitcoins, the p2p nature of the exchange permits users to keep their efectivo names and identity relatively secret. The major advantage of using Paxful is the amount of payment methods available (300+). The most popular deposits types are iTunes/Amazon Bounty Cards, Paypal, Skrill, NetTeller, Webmoney. Users can also make metselspecie purchases via Película del Oeste Union, MoneyGram, metselspecie ter person, metselspecie deposit to canap, or using a Bitcoin ATM. While there are some sellers that ask for your vivo name for large volumes, I have never bot asked for a copy of my passport for smaller orders under $1000 usd. Paxful is presently the best webpagina to buy bitcoin without ID because of the range of choice for depositing money.
  • WeSellCrypto will permit you to buy petite amounts (
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    15 usd) with PayPal spil they don’t bother checking your ID unless you do larger transactions. Update: this webpagina is having issues with PayPal – trading has bot disabled for now. Alternatively you can use Localbitcoins or Paxful for Paypal purchases.

  • CoinATMradar – a super handy webstek featuring an interactive opbergmap of entero bitcoin ATMs (aka bATM). Simply search for your location, select the nearest machine, and check the requirements for buying. Note that there are overheen 55 bATM manufacturers and 125 operators around the globe. Knowing who made and who operates your chosen bATM will give you toegevoegd insight into the buying process. I say this because some do sell bitcoin without ID being requested, while others will need a passport before exchanging cryptocurrency for your fiat paper money. Keep te mind that just like buying with contant, bATMs take a higher commission relative to the spot price. Expect premiums of Ten to 20 procent, depending on the machine technicus.
  • Bisq – the most reputed decentralized person2person crypto exchange, ter operation since 2018 (previously known spil “Bitsquare”). Also a good place to buy ethereum without ID. Read thesis points before using:
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    • I only recommend Bisq for more advanced users. You should be convenient with managing bitcoin private keys, and maintaining your PC’s security.
    • Users vereiste download the software to connect up to the network and make trades. Officially the software is still te beta testing, but it can still be used to trade with others without registration – and doing so relatively anonymously.
    • No identification is needed to trade, but – just like with Localbitcoins – your name will be visible on the seller’s bankgebouw statement.
    • What I love about Bisq is that it is essentially a wallet with multisig capabiliites. Such a system permits you to choose an arbitrator for each trade. Arbitrators act spil intermediaries for resolving problems – similar to how Paypal disputes work, just ter a decentralized manner.
    • For a longer explanation, see this Youtube movie of Bisq cretor, Manfred Karrer, providing a presentation of the exchange.
    • For those wanting to sell bitcoin without ID using Bisq: be sure that your canap is bitcoin-friendly. Ter some cases sellers have had their accounts closed for receiving transfers. Albeit the handelsbank never knows that transfers are arranged through Bisq, such institutions can get jumpy when anything fresh starts menacing their business monster. There is a Bitcointalk forum postbode that keeps tabs on which banks are bitcoin-friendly and which are not.

    Some sites have excessive ID vetting

    Some exchanges indeed are worried that they will get shut down by the FinCEN should they not know every single detail about their customers. Others take advantage of the KYC-craze to collect information on their users individual and commercial habits. Of all the major exchanges thesis three are presently receiving slightly negative reviews with regards to overbearing KYC verification methods:

    • Bitstamp – by far the worst private information requests have bot made by Bitstamp support. When users go beyond certain deposit/withdraw thresholds they then get sent intrusive information requests beyond the usual passport/utility bill combination.
    • Gemini – long verification wait times. Occasional account flaggings & automatic closures have bot reported.
    • Bitfinex – very long verification process, significant amount of documents required.

    Please note that while the above sites may not have sleek verification processes, they remain very trusted and popular platforms. Millions of users trade on each webpagina every month. Read my guide to get further information on how to recognize a good vs a bad bitcoin exchange.

    Protect your documents against identity theft

    Just realize that this is the fresh age where your ID is scattered all overheen the internet. If a web-server gets hacked, then all files can potentially be stolen and used elsewhere. For this reason I would recommend choosing the safest sites only. Check my list of the most popular bitcoin exchanges to get an idea of secure trading sites that people like to use.

    Best practices recommend that exchanges keep users’ individual ID information on a separate server. Such a server should be offline and only connected up when the initial vetting process is underway.

    A good method you can use to prevent identity theft is to water-mark any documents you submit. Some users like to write a message such spil “for Coinbase only” on their passport copy. Such mechanisms prevent malicious actors from lightly using your ID to open an account elsewhere.

    Please note that te most cases your individual information is safe. Large exchanges are increasingly required to go after very rigorous safety measures and all store users’ files offline.

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