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Beware of the Con Artist

Beware of the Con Artist

. But they can only con you if you let them ter. So, you would be wise to have an understanding of how their minds work and why they do what they do.

Sad spil it is, your &quot,stupidity&quot, may have just bot old-fashioned caring and concern for a down-and-out person who touched your heart or it may have bot a common sense business project that would have benefited you and the con artist or a deep romantic love for the soul mate you thought you had ultimately found. You may have actually signed a contract of some kleintje to &quot,protect&quot, yourself. But that contract only has value if the other party is a legitimate business person with assets and an address. The contract may turn out to be the only reason the police won’t go after the con artist because the contract &quot,validates&quot, the civil punt.

Often times wij think of con artists spil preying on the elderly because they can be mentally disoriented and susceptible to the attention and concern of a stranger. However, it can toebijten to anyone.

Most people are most likely not going to fall for the brief con of the carnival barker, at least not more than merienda. It is the Long Con – the well laid out project of a shrewd talker and planner that will trapje the truly unsuspicious – like the Microsoft executive, like the Eiffel Tower purchaser. Thesis are the people that do the serious harm and who voorwaarde be guarded against.

(1) Beware of the person who says, &quot,I’ll never steal from you,&quot, when discussing the &quot,project.&quot, That’s like telling, &quot,I’ll never throw food ter your face.&quot, If they feel the need to bring this up, it means they are actually imaging the act of throwing food ter your face – or stealing from you. Responsible, fair people wouldn’t even think the thought.

The Contract that Is Supposed to &quot,Protect&quot, You

(Three) The richest man te America knew the value of a contract even when he wasgoed a kid. Bill Gates actually persuaded his sister to sign a contract securing some mutual agreement inbetween them when they were still schoolgebouw kids living at huis. He no doubt recognized that the enforcers of reglamentario contracts – the law (ter this case, his parents) would have the power to require fulfillment of the terms if necessary. However, this law is only good for law abiders. I have observed a doctor who lost approximately $1400 ter a Petite Claims Court judgment go from &quot,Oh well, do I pay this at the court clerk’s window?&quot, to &quot,Never mind, I’ll talk to my attorney and get back to you.&quot, when he wasgoed advised by the judge that it wasgoed the plaintiff’s responsibility, not the court’s, to collect the money.

Too Flawless to Believe

(Four) If you are using your money for a business venture, vivo estate purchase, etc. with a friend and this person makes overt attempts to perform ostentatiously honorable acts – BEWARE. For example, the person goes to the trouble of taking your credit cards out of a drawer where you have stored them and brings them to you &quot,for protection&quot, before you leave the house for a few days, the person is too volmaakt, never doing anything to annoy you or showcase weaknesses, you open a checking account together and they make a point of displaying you each and every deposit slip and calling the canap every so often to check the movimiento while you are present – just to make you see what an efficient and fair person they are.

Snaak Checking Accounts that Can Bankrupt You

(Five) If you open a checking account with a person who zometeen turns out to be a con artist – YOU may be responsible for any monies that were inappropriately deposited, regardless of whether or not you knew about the fraud. Ter one case a woman te hier 60’s opened a checking account with a junior man for the purpose of commencing a petite business. The account wasgoed opened with checks he provided. Based on hier relationship with the handelsbank, this man wasgoed able to withdraw $17,000 on thesis checks before they all cleared. Everyone of the deposited checks turned out to be fraudulent. But the canap considered the older lady to be liable for the $17,000.

The Super Salesman Who Uses His Abilities on You Instead of Your Customers

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(6) Beware of the super salesman whose selling abilities are limited to you. You may hire a manager because of his exceptionally slick salesmanship. He’s a gifted persuader and almost always gets the sale. Beware when this bounty is concentrated on you and not the customer. If he is a con man he has learned that the period of time that he can open up out his promises is limited.. But during this time period, he knows his lies will be interpreted by you spil reasonable explanations for delaying activity on certain issues. (The thicker the lie, the more believable.)

If You Fall Te Love, You’re a Goner

(8) The con artist will attempt to build up control of your thinking so that you won’t use your common sense. He may even become belligerent at times ter the hopes of intimidating you into compliance. He will never do this at the beginning of the scam before he gains your confidence. He will wait till the end when you are tiring of the excuses or procrastination. He will attempt to make you feel like a traitor to the &quot,cause&quot, or a loser who doesn’t have the patience to wait just a little longer to make a lotsbestemming of money.

Previous Employers Who &quot,Pass the Trash&quot,

Compulsions and Addictions – The Fuel for Fraud

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The Employer spil &quot,Oppas&quot,

You may be a lonely, single person looking for companionship, you may be a business te financial trouble, you may be a person unhappy with his life who is anxious to find a way to switch it for the better, you may be someone who likes the idea of making quick money. You may also be an investor who is simply handing your life savings overheen to a person you believe is a professional. The person may actually have a functioning business – may even be a CEO of a large corporation. Con artists come te all forms and from all income levels.

Unluckily, the only vivo protection against con artists is to become a hard-nosed, self-centered, suspicious, ungenerous, uncaring individual who never does anything for anyone that doesn’t benefit Number One. That way the playing field will be level – that is, diminished to the level of the con artist. But what a terrible, hate-filled world that would be and very few of us are willing to assume those traits just to protect ourselves from potential theft.

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