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Greece loosens hacienda controls, raises specie withdrawal limit, Reuters

Greece loosens capital controls, raises cash withdrawal limit, Reuters

ATHENS (Reuters) – Greece on Wednesday moved to ease haber limitations imposed since the summer of 2018, raising the monthly limit of specie that can be withdrawn from canap accounts by 28 procent.

Athens very first imposed hacienda controls te July 2018 to stem a flight of metselspecie from its banks at the height of a debt keerpunt that led to its third financial bailout since 2010.

The leftist-led government wasgoed then clashing with official lenders te a shove against austerity and almost crashed Greece out of the euro zone.

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Caudal controls have since bot little by little loosened.

Based on a finance ministry decree published te the government&rsquo,s gazette, individuals will be permitted to withdraw lump sums of up to Two,300 euros ter contant vanaf month from canap accounts from 1,800 euros presently, effective from March 1.

The decree also enlargened the amount of euros or other currency banknotes that individuals can take abroad vanaf excursion to Two,300 euros from Two,000.

It permits banks to accept client orders to transfer money abroad of up to Two,000 euros every two months.

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&ldquo,The decision is one more step ter the framework of the roadmap for the progresivo lifting of confinements on metselspecie withdrawals and the transfer of money,&rdquo, the finance ministry said.

Greece&rsquo,s current bailout expires ter August.

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Ter May last year Greek authorities outlined a roadmap for the continuo lifting of caudal controls, with their project quotum on several factors, including restored access to money markets.

Authorities have said that for a total lifting they would need to see growing confidence among depositors, reflected by an increase ter private sector handelsbank deposits, and continued progress with the country&rsquo,s economic adjustment program.

Access to financial markets for both the government and the country&rsquo,s banks would have to be restored spil well.

Reporting by George Georgiopoulos, Editing by Catherine Evans

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