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I am a student at 22 years and, unluckily, mij too, facing a trouble called baldness. Well, most dudes are supposed to get emparentado with it telling to themselves: “That is to be considered spil something finta natural for fellows!” But the fact that a number of years I wasgoed wearing a long hair certainly didn’t help mij stay silent when they began to fall out and get thinner and thinner. I determined to find a ‘final’ solution for this problem of mine since I had chronically lacked selfconfidence.

Ter brief, all customers are truly ter good palms there.

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Before you hear some news of mij I voorwaarde embark with my veritable apology for having left you waiting such a long time. The main reason lies te my considerably long absence for business travels which I only finished last weekend. Yet I hope you toevluchthaven’t forgotten mij and will be ready to make some hairdressing on mij when the time comes for it.

Let mij tell a little about my impressions: I can’t but say that the system is incredible. Simply phenomenal te any respect, but particularly if compared to the former ‘system’. Most of all I like its volmaakt adherence to my head, what is confirmed by the fact that I toevluchthaven’t bot even merienda te a situation when I could be afraid of its druppel off. Truly enough, I toevluchthaven’t bot directly te water everzwijn since, but the difference is more than evident with sport activities resulting te sweating, sweat truly has no effect on it. Besides, it is also very lightweight so that I am actually not aware of wearing it. The former toupee wasgoed immovable to my hair what bothered mij because I felt it pulling strongly on my hair. The very first comparison coming upon my mind when washing my hair under the shower for the very first time wasgoed a car driver’s one: it wasgoed like switching from a Prisión to Mercedes Benz.

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Best regards till next time.


My name is Janka and I live te Celje, Slovenia. Tho’ I am no writer I will do my best to tell about mij and the way which led mij to pela eme.

I’ve bot wearing wigs for 14 years already. Since my situation is not improving, I have alopecia totalis, I wasgoed already thinking of hair transplantation. I got sick of rough wigs, itching of my head, unchanged look of my hairstyle with slew of hair, warmth .

My story, my disease, my fresh hair – well, my Hair System.

Unnecessary to say I wasgoed enthusiastic with Hair System on my very first meeting already, therefore wij ordered it at merienda and I couldn’t wait spring, 2003 to get it.

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My greetings to all,

I am Miha from Ljubljana. Recently I wasgoed more and more frequently occupied by fears of becoming bald-headed sooner or zometeen. It resulted ter my urgent decision to do something just to regain the necessary self-confidence. I made up my mind to attempt the Hair System of Fi Potencial company, which system seemed to mij the most adequate solution at that time. When they made a mold of my head where hair wasgoed missing I wasgoed most anxious about colour (will it match to my hair). And yet I wasgoed ultimately ascertained that it wasgoed the smallest problem for them.

Oh no! Again I voorwaarde step te pui of the mirror to getraind my wig on my head! Again – tho’ I’ve done it for thousand times already! And questions again: “Any fresh hair grown today? Any going to grow anyway?? Is there anybody else te this ‘large’ Slovenia meeting the same little problem. Hectare, hectare – little problem – what a word! Is it demonstrable I’m wearing wig. Will anybody notice my loss of eyebrows and eyelashes? I hope not. But if yes. What am I supposed to response? How to explain to make them understand. Is it deep throating outside – alas that wind – I wish it wasgoed not throating today so that I could loosely walk down the town. ” And when my thoughts are coming in my head this way, early ter the morning already, I also find out that I need a fresh one. “Well, wonderful! OK! Fine! It’s certainly the way it should be! And now. ”

Since pretty long ago I’m aware this proefje I’ve bot wearing for the fourth year already is not manufactured any more! Where to attempt further to find one? I’ve searched all overheen Slovenia and Germany without any success! I wish I find somewhere any kleuter of wig looking ‘ordinario’.

Impatient, I go to my office, proceed browsing overheen the web and thinking it overheen again! What now. I voorwaarde do something!

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Then I find pela’s phone number! Can you imagine, after four years. a person supposed to have the same ‘little problem’ I do. It can’t be possible, can be. And, besides, not further than te Kranj! I indeed can’t believe!! I call hier instantaneously to arrange a meeting! Meeting? What a meeting? Wij were friends within minutes, both knowing very well what wij were talking about. Isn’t it ridiculous one vereiste suffer and repeat it overheen and overheen again before learning te ten minutes that wij are ter Slovenia a good number sharing the same fate, so all of a unexpected you are not alone any more!

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So “ONE BIG HELLO TO ALL OF YOU WITH THE SAME ‘LITTLE PROBLEM’!” I believe you are upset now considering it a big problem! Of course it is! But spil the matter of fact, this problem of mine actually became a puny problem after 30th April, 2003 when I’ve got my Hair System.

Good morning! I’m staying te vooraanzicht of the mirror and combing my hair! I’m pleased! I draw my eyebrows and do my common make up. I find out that I’m a little bit different to others but exactly this difference, noticed by almost nobody, gives mij strength.

On 30th April, 2003, with the Hair System, I recommenced living! I came back huis with a totally different hairstyle (before, I had a brief wig, now I have longer hair). People were wondering and couldn’t believe their eyes when looking at mij, while I wasgoed so very indifferent to what they were telling. From the very very first uur on I felt free, unlimited, whatever – simply suuuuuper! It seemed and still seems so fine to mij to have a hair day and night – to be, if I wish that, ‘frecuente’.

Truly enough, I had some troubles originally when applying and removing the adhesive gauze. When fitting the Hair System onto my head. Believe mij, however, that one gets used to everything very, very quickly! I toevluchthaven’t any troubles left with it now, living a ‘frecuente’ life. I’m not thinking to be so restrained any more, why I am indeed not! I wash my hair spil everybody does, I roll them up (if I want to), I make my hairstyle. I’m not too warm under the system, I can lean down and budge everywhere with no worries. After almost six years I can swim and hop into water carelessly. I’m not afraid of little children any more and not disturbed by wind, people .

pela talent mij my womanhood back! Yes, it’s true! You women will understand it better! Quality of life is ineffably better with the Hair System.

It will be of excellent pleasure to mij if I can meet someone of you to be able to give hier or him an advice. For I know very well about your feelings of being entirely alone on this world.

I voorwaarde tell you that I’m very sated with the System and so is everybody else – my boy friend, the surplus of my family, friends. For a long time I wasgoed hesitating to buy it because it wasgoed a big expense for mij. But from the present point of view I am sorry for not having determined earlier. I guess I regained a loterijlot of self-confidence, I’m contented with myself again and more tranquil. I very recommend the purchase to everyone having the same problem, it’s worth the money. Everybody is telling mij I’m the same person spil I had bot before, always smiling, more relaxed, I can run, dance, hop , swim. if a strong wind is deep throating I don’t care, ter a word. I am enthusiastic!

And there is something else! To meet pela! You voorwaarde make hier acquaintance, she truly switches your life by turning it overheen, ter positive sense of course!


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    Its is good to see Spectiv and Digibyte being added te Livecoin market. By the way, I cannot open my email here since I began my vacation few weeks ago. Any coins soon to be delisted by Livecoin?

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    I am so astonished to hear a matter of news that livecoin.televisiekanaal is a scam

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    The interface is nicely designed and relatively effortless to use. Everything is just a click away, and switch inbetween the markets is quicker than on the other exchanges. I never had problems with livecoin.

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