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LTC USD – Litecoin Price Chart TradingView

LTC USD - Litecoin Price Chart TradingView

LTCUSD Crypto Chart

Technical Analysis Summary

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LTC 2018 Crypto Crash (Elliott Wave)

Trendlines and supports and resistances

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LTC – Buy op – 28/30 – 56/60 day cycle closing dipping – Buy?

Price has bounced back from the downside line of the major triangle and has managed to stay much above the 106.52 static support. I’ve drawn a minor ascending pitchfork, so a retest of the lower median line (lml) followed by a significant increase will signal a larger rebound te the upcoming period. However, a valid breakdown below the wl4 of the former ascending .

DeMark 13 countdown (after 9 sequential) print buy signal for LTCUSD. Buy above the 13 drankbuffet high with zekering loss below the low.

38.2% Retracement Brief GWAVE. FIB Retracement Percentage is calculated ter a Higher Euclidean Dimension. PLEASE ALWAYS WAIT FOR STOCHASTIC CONFIRMATION. THANKS

technically set up to spike ter coming weeks spil price drops into twice previously tested support. big money investors are coming too..

Entry price for LTC circled at support levels.

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LTC – Update 14/05/Legal – LTC tails down to long term support sat on top of resistance

LTC on the Four hour seem to have the strongest bounce with the most potential profit,10%, something i always fight with do you long the one which has fell the most ter the dip or the one which has bot the most bullish and held up the best during the dip . anyways LTC last major buy zone on my chart lined up ideally with the BTC bullish buy zone which is .

If you day/sway trade the big Three, LTC ETH BTC you should not be going long on LTC at the ogenblik . always pedagogo the graphs and long the most bullish by basically trading the BTC graph. Example ETH is most most bullish on the day and it reacting stronger when BTC moves up, BTC is falling and it reacts strong to a support looking like it could bounce, Go long on .

Can LTC pauze the current trend and head north. ?1500 LTC ter 2018 anyone?

Whilst cryptocurrencies look like they are recovering this week, using a broader chart wij can gather a better picture on price. This analysis looks at LTC on the monthly time framework to gather a longer term view on price. Using fib retracement levels and the trend line it is clear that price is still yet to decrease to support level. Merienda price reaches this level, I .

If price does’t stay within the channel, it should druppel down to $120 support

LTC – Update – 05/05/Eighteen Dedicate to John@StaoshiLite and his superb Litecoin work on Twitter

Week ending 06/05 could leave us looking good, ter which case 10-15th May I’m very positive on Marius comments

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