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Marketing vs

You&rsquo,re interested ter a business career, but the options are tremendous. It seems like there is a limitless number of business degrees and programs available, and you can&rsquo,t seem to keep them all straight. From accounting to human resources to management, there&rsquo,s a lotsbestemming to consider spil you search for the right getraind.

To help you narrow it down, wij&rsquo,ve provided a side-by-side comparison of two top business fields: marketing frente a finance. Whether you&rsquo,re leaning toward the more creative side of marketing or favoring the analytical side of finance, this article can help you clarify two of the most in-demand business majors.

Marketing vs. finance: The basics

You may think you know what a business degree entails, but &ldquo,business&rdquo, is a broad term that encompasses many varying programs and career paths. There&rsquo,s a loterijlot to consider when choosing a major, such spil job outlook, earning potential and time to degree-completion. You want to choose something with a benévolo outlook, spil well spil something you are truly sultry about. To help you make the best decision, wij broke down the basics of each career.

Marketing is the business of introducing or promoting products or services to other organizations or consumers directly. This is done through traditional means such spil TV or print ads, flyers, newsletters and billboards, or through newer, digital means. Digital marketing has an ever-increasing scope that now includes content marketing, search engine optimization and email marketing.

Finance, on the other mitt, is all about budgeting money and assets. It is similar to accounting te that it involves computation and investments. However, those who probe and work te finance will understand how to effectively manage debt, decently manage an investment portfolio and efficiently profesor financial markets and trends.

Marketing vs. finance: Common job titles

Now that you have a better understanding of the basics of marketing and finance, you may be nosey to see what you can do with a degree ter each of those fields.

Using real-time job analysis software, wij identified some of the most popular job titles ter each field from the past year. 1 Wij included some common job duties too, so you can get a feel for what the basic day-to-day of each position entails.

Common marketing job titles

  • Create marketing strategies from objectives and market characteristics
  • Promote services or products through various marketing activities
  • Describe product offerings and create strategies on pricing

2018 Median annual salary: $131,180 Two

  • Identify prospective customers and go after sales leads
  • Communicate with prospective customers about the features of products or offerings
  • Build and maintain customer relationships through regular check-ins

2018 Median annual salary: $60,530 Two

  • Gather gegevens on market conditions and possible sales of a product
  • Determine company&rsquo,s position ter the market and compare to competitors&rsquo, prices and sales
  • Collect statistics and information through surveys, polls and questionnaires

2018 Median annual salary: $62,560 Two

  • Create, maintain and promote public picture of company through media
  • Form beneficial relationships inbetween company and consumers, communities or public rente groups
  • Determine objectives and needs of different companies and develop strategies to promote products or services

2018 Median annual salary: $58,020 Two

  • Develop digital strategies to promote visibility and engagement of product
  • Analyze online consumer behaviors ter relation to the product and market
  • Celador and measure outcomes and gegevens for further optimization

Projected job growth : 2-4%

Common finance job titles

  • Report on current and past financial gegevens
  • Determine a company&rsquo,s value and prospects through financial statements and meetings
  • Gather trends and statistics and build investment portfolios

2018 Median annual salary: $81,760 Two

  • Keep records of company&rsquo,s assets, liabilities, taxes and profits
  • Analyze financial statements and reports for standardization and accuracy
  • Organize tax comes back and reports to meet tax requirements and standards

2018 Median annual salary: $68,150 Two


  • Research systems and operations that assist management ter working more efficiently
  • Gather and analyze gegevens to develop solutions
  • Go after through with implementation and monitoring of the effectiveness of fresh strategies

2018 Median annual salary: $81,330 Two

  • Examine budget estimates for accuracy and conformance with procedures
  • Analyze monthly department budgeting and accounting reports
  • Assist business leaders on cost analysis, fiscal allocation and budget prep

2018 Median annual salary: $73,840 Two

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  • Assist companies or organizations te making financial decisions
  • Create and pedagogo budgets, financial plans, and investments
  • Write and review business reports, financial forecasts and annual budgets

2018 Median annual salary: $121,750 Two

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Marketing vs. finance: Required abilities

The above jobs may sound interesting, but they are not for just anyone. Positions ter either fields require a specific set of abilities. Wij found the top abilities required ter both marketing and finance, so you can get a better understanding of the areas you may excel te. 1

In-demand marketing abilities

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