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Paris Fresh Years Eve 2019, Fireworks, Parties – Hotels

Paris New Years Eve 2019, Fireworks, Parties - Hotels

Guide to fresh years eve te Paris – top parties, fireworks, fine dining & sea cruises for NYE 2018-2019

Paris on fresh years eve sees hefty crowds head down to gather on the city’s iconic Champs Elysees for a fresh year party on a grand scale, with the highlight of the party being the spectacular light showcase and fireworks launched from the Eiffel Tower, a fitting centre chunk to the celebrations.

Across the entire Paris area there are a vast range of parties and events taking place to mark the occasion, with world famous sites such spil the famous Moulin Rouge hosting their own fresh years eve surprises, while many choose to take to the Seine to see ter the fresh year 2019 with a sea cruise.

Fresh Years Eve on the Champs Elysees

The fireworks at the Eiffel Tower that were a central part of the fresh years eve celebrations ter Paris for so many years have now bot substituted by a light showcase, a more ecologically friendly alternative, albeit don’t be astonished if they throw te a few good old fashioned pyrotechnics spil part of the display too.

The Champs Elysees Grand Voorstelling will be packed with crowds across the evening, with live music and entertainment getting underway from around 9pm, helping keep people warm spil they wait for midnight to arrive.

If you choose to avoid the crowds and would like more panoramic view of the party, then many people also choose to head up to the The Sacre Coeur Cathedral plaza te Montmartre, where you will also have a view of smaller scale fireworks displays bursting across the horizon – attempt wandering around the cathedral to the Rue St-Eleuthere to find an excellent vantage point.

NYE Sea Cruises

There are many sea cruise options to see ter the fresh year on the Seine, usually with a vestidura dinner and live entertainment provided to make for a truly memorbale fresh year party.

One of the top options is typically the Orsay Cruise and Bateaux Mouches – wij will bring you linksom to our favourite fresh years eve cruise options merienda the details are finalised nearer the time.

Moulin Rouge Fresh Years Eve

The Moulin Rouge Fresh Years Eve Special &quot,Soir&eacute,e Plaisir&quot, is an iconic event that has bneen taking place for many years now, and while not cheap, makes for a genuinely special night, including dinner, dancing and champagne, plus of course a display by the famous dancers of the Moulin Rouge. There is also a verrassing bounty for everyone! Toegangsbewijs details to go after.


Popular nightspots to spend fresh years eve ter Paris include Lade Palmeraie, Club Haussman, Chez Papillon, Onderricht Planches, Palais den Tokyo and L’Aquarium

If you want to be right at the centre of the act then Pavillon Champs Elysees host a fresh year party that resumes right through until 5am on fresh years day and includes a meaty dance floor, snoeperd cocktail tapkast, VIP areas and of course one of the best loocations te town.

Toegangsbewijs details to go after.

Fresh Years Eve Hotels

There are of course many top hotels ter Paris, and many host their own fresh year parties and garbo events, suggesting special packages to attract visitors.

Location is all if you want to avoid the inconvenience of negotiating fresh years eve public vrachtvervoer or paying elevated taxi fees, so look if you can for central hotels, such spil the Hotel Duquesne Eiffel or the Hotel den France.

If you’re programma on staying ter Paris overheen fresh years then spil always the advice is to book well te advance and to be ready to pay a premium for the privilege – click here for the best Paris hotel deals.

Fresh Year Restaurants

Paris is of course a fine maaltijd’s paradise so finding somewhere for your fresh years eve dinner is more an embarrasment of riches than a dilemma.

If you’re looking for something truly out if the ordinary then check out Eetgelegenheid Parisien, located on the banks of the Seine and very close to the Eiffel Tower, They even opoffering a fresh year dining option that includes an hour long sea cruise.

If you like a historic venue, something to truly add an authentic atmosphere to your night, then wij can recommend Nos Anc&ecirc,tres lesuur Gaulois, a famous medieval eatery te Ile Saint-Louis.

Top vegan choice goes to Vegebowl, albeit for such a big city the options for us herbivores are quiebro limited, so catering for yourself is always an option. Another good peak for a restaurant with city skyline and fireworks views is Ciel, which offers excellent views from the 56th floor of the Tour Montparnasse. See the utter, vast, range of Paris Restaurants here.

NYE Live Stream

Wij will track down some TV coverage of the Eiffel Tower fresh years eve showcase nearer the time, but ter the meantime you are well served by the excellent live webcam views from this iconic webpagina:

Latest NYE News

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