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TOP Ten Best Cryptocurrency Exchange

TOP 10 Best Cryptocurrency Exchange

You can find the best Faucets here for Bitcoin & other Cryptocurrencies – Also the best places to buy Bitcoin

TOP Ten Best Cryptocurrency Exchange

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-Fiat Exchanges, where you can buy Bitcoin directly with dollars or euros.

-Alt-coin Exchanges, where you can trade your Bitcoin to other crypto-currencies.

-Peer to peer Marketplaces, to directly trade Bitcoin, without a third-party.

All with details about how to register and how to buy your Bitcoins and Alt-coins.

1. CoinBase : &gt,&gt, https://www.coinbase.com/ &lt,&lt,

Two. Binance : &gt,&gt, https://www.binance.com/ &lt,&lt,

Type : Alt-coins Exchange

Trio. Gate.io : &gt,&gt, https://gate.io/ &lt,&lt,

To register on Gate.io, choose a Username, a password, inject you e-mail adress, and also choose a “Fund password” (You will need it to trade or withdrawal funds). Merienda you are registred, you can see your funds, do a deposit or a withdrawal if you click on “Wallets” on the top left. To commence trading, go to “Market” also top left and you can choose the currency you wanna trade on the different markets (BTC, ETH, USDT & QTUM).

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Four. Cex.io : &gt,&gt, https://cex.io/ &lt,&lt,

You have to click on the white button “Register” on the top right, and you will have to waterput your E-mail address and choose a Password.


You can then click on “Finance” on the top and there you can choose to Deposit with the Currency you want. Canap transfer and Payment card are avaible, and cryptocurrencies deposits spil well.

Five. Huobi : &gt,&gt, https://www.huobi.voor/ &lt,&lt,

To register on Huobi, you have to click on “Sign up now” ter the middle of the pagina or on “Sign up” on the top right. You will have to waterput your E-mail address, password and nationality.

You can find the informations about your account on the top right, and also see your funds when goin to “Balances”. To embark trading, go to “Exchange” top left of the pagina.

6. Bibox : &gt,&gt, https://www.bibox.com/ &lt,&lt,

You will only need an E-mail address and a password to register on the webstek. You will then receive a confirmation E-mail to create your account.

The webstek is similar to Binance, with your account informations and funds on the top right and the trading on the top left. To commence deposit and begin trading, you will have to set up 2FA and a Fund password to make your account safe.

7. Bitfinex : &gt,&gt, https://www.bitfinex.com/ &lt,&lt,

To register, when you get on Bitfinex, click on the green “Open Account” , choose Username, E-mail and Password and click on it again. You will get an E-mail to verify your Account.

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Merienda you are connected, you can find your Wallets and Deposit on the top right, and you can trade by clikcing on Trading on the top left and choosing the currency you want to trade.

To Register te Cryptopia, you will need to choose a Username, E-mail, Password and a Speld Code. You will need to click on a confirmation verbinding on your e-mail address spil usual.

Merienda you have done that, you can find the markets by going on the top left on “Exchange” and then “Markets”. You can find your wallets by going on the Bitcoin Sign on the top right and then on “Wallets”. You will find a little sign to Deposit or Withdrawal on the left side of every currencyand you can search for a specific one on the top right of the pagina.

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  1. Mae24 says:

    I never had problems with this exchange. The truth I trade it on it uncommonly because I choose exchanges with higher volumes. But sometimes it happens that the token is traded on only one exchange.

  2. Olgilvy says:

    yes ter today’s indeed have to be careful let alone trade ter digital currency. because the responsibility is held by our own. if wij are not careful then wij will lose some of our assets.

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