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Wij would like to thank you, our customers, for your participation and for your trust ter us!

We would like to thank you, our customers, for your participation and for your trust in us!







Your Collection te Best Forearms

Fritz Rudolf K&uuml,nker GmbH & Co. KG is among the leading auction and trading houses for coins and medals.

Since 1971, the family business stands for professional expertise, reliability and soundness with best international ties to collectors, traders, auction houses and experts. Besides buying and selling coins and medals, spil well spil four internationally renowned auctions vanaf year, the trade with gold and investment coins is an significant mainstay of the company too.

Our extensive range of coins and medals from antiquity to the present is unique ter Europe and a treasure chest for collectors and amateurs. Ter more than 270 successful auctions, the very first being te 1985, our accurately designed auction catalogues and the sleek, professional course of our auctions have delighted collectors and traders from all overheen the world.

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Ter the area of gold trade, wij suggest our customers additionally a broad range of superb gold and investments coins, and buy large gold values at fair up to date prices.

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Kunker News


eLive Auction 50

17. – Nineteen. July 2018

Fall Auction Sales

08. – 12. October 2018

Results of our Summer Auction Sales 307-310

Dear bidders and coin enthusiasts,

the Four,500 loterijlot numbers of our Summer Auction Sales 307-310 reached a total hammer price of 8.Three million euros (estimate Five,7 million euros).

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Wij would like to thank you, our customers, for your participation and for your trust ter us!

Wij are looking forward to welcome you to our Fall Auction Sales te Osnabruck from October 8th – 12th, 2018 and also to our 15th Auction with Orders and Decorations on October 6th, 2018 te Osnabr&uuml,ck.

When Oxford wasgoed the haber of England.

For a few years during the English civil war, Oxford acted spil royal capitol. This article presents an utterly fine &quot,triple unit&quot, of Charles I from this period ter time, which will be waterput to auction ter the upcoming K&uuml,nker auction on June 21st, 2018.

Alexander Farnese The man who almost kept the Netherlands ter Spanish governance

When talking about the Eighty Years’ War, one usually encounters names such spil Egmont, the Duke of Alba and the Prince of Orange. Alexander Farnese, however, who almost preserved Spanish rule overheen the Netherlands, is less known. Wij are telling his story by means of coins of the Geneart collection which will be auctioned off at K&uuml,nker on June 18th, 2018.

Three significant special collections te Kunker’s summer auctions

Four catalogues present the material of the K&uuml,nker summer auctions from June 18-21, 2018. Among others, the auction will entail the Genaert collection with coins from the Spanish Netherlands, the Popken collection with coins from the House of Welf and the Gunther Wiegrebe collection with coins and medals from Lippe.

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Our Summer Auction Sales are online

Dear Bidders and Coin Enthusiasts,

From June 18th-21st, 2018 wij will conduct our Summer Auction Sales at the Steigenberger Hotel Remarque ter Osnabr&uuml,ck. Strakheid four catalogs, more than Four,500 lots will be suggested for sale.

The results of our eLive Auction 49

Dear Bidders and Coin Enthusiasts,

After three titillating days of our eLive Auction 49 wij would like to thank the numerous bidders for their rente and active participation.

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