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Withdrawal boundaries

Withdrawal limits

Hello everyone, my name is Michael, and very first of all please permit mij to thank you for the fine support and community here. I found many answers to my questions right here on the forum, without needing to call your offices or google them, so keep up the good work!

2nd, the one thing I toevluchthaven’t managed to solve yet and it has reached a point where it’s blocking my business cashflow and requires mij to go to the canap every single day. It’s about the withdrawal limit imposed on the Payoneer card. This is a yam-sized problem for mij because I permanently receive payments from the vrouwen I work with (inbetween 2500$ and Ten 000$ every 3-4 days). The daily limit on the card is 2500 USD, which means that if I get Three payments of Ten 000, i need to go the handelsbank for 6 days te a row. If you take into consideration the fact that the branch awaits for the money to be sent from the main handelsbank and the 24 hour limitation, this usually means Ten days te a row just to withdraw just Three payments from my vrouwen This also means delayed payments and problems with other playmates, which is not fortunate for a business.

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Now, the reaction I got from your CS is that MasterCard imposes this limitation on the cards. So I called MasterCard and I visited a regional handelsbank CEO that managed to get mij directly ter voeling with a MC Director (if I recall correctly, it wasgoed the EMEA Director). Both MC customer support the the MC Director told mij that there’s no limit imposed on the Payoneer cards, not ter my country at least (Romania). So the problem’s not coming from them. Calling you CS and telling them that MC has nothing to do with the limitation on my account, suddently the phones keep getting disconnected and I keep getting placed on hold for long periods of time, with the same result: call get interrupted or disconnected. If I manage to get a CS rep to talk to mij, it’s like hitting a brick wall or a violated record when I tell them that I’ve spoken to MasterCard and I know there’s no limitation from them. The same reaction, overheen and overheen again: there’s a limitation on your account.

Another thing that happened is the following: about 4-5 months after I received my card, I wasgoed able to withdraw any amounts I dreamed. After thesis Five months, I got to the bankgebouw one day to withdraw 6000 $ and the teller told mij the POS is telling that the amount is not permitted. The next thing, I called your offices, while still te the canap. After a Two minutes check, the CS rep told mij this: “There wasgoed a &lt,&lt,problem&gt,&gt, with your account that enabled you to withdraw amounts exceeding 2500$. Now you should be fine and the limit on your account is active”. This wasgoed funny spil hell for mij at that point and I said ok, no problem, since it wasn’t affecting my activity spil it is now. I also have the means to prove this, I can provide documents that confirm withdrawals of 5000$, 4000$, etc.

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I’m truly waiting for an response or a solution to my problem, since this is the last place I know where I can attempt to find a solution or an response.

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  1. Bookish says:

    Every one should update their problem merienda it is not solved for more than 48hrs because for some transaction they are doing by hand. so maybe they, want to verify it very first so that no one te disadvantage again !

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